Current Initiatives & News

In March 2015 TEN submitted to the NPDC Open Plan Strategy. You can read our full submission by clicking on the link to the right.

Open Plan Strategy

TEN has also submitted on the Councils 30 year plan to ensure horse riding is included for the future. To read our submission, click on the link to the right.

NPDC Shaping the Future 30 yr Plan

TEN have a proposal in for review with Council to create some new riding areas at Lake Mangamahoe. For those of you familiar with the area we are looking to create a fitness track on the flat area close to the crematorium. This is presently an area covered in scrub and blackberry. We propose a 5 metre wide loop track to add diversity to the type of riding currently on offer at the trails. We also propose to reinstate a trail to join to the lazy loop to utilize more of the available space. Please have a look at the attached plan, we will begin fundraising as soon as council gives us the green light

<a id=“Lake_Mangamahoe”> Lake Mangamahoe


There has been a long term plan to develop a pathway from Weld road to Fort St eorge utilizing a paper road that runs around the coast. Discussions have been underway to possibly relocate sections of the paper road to take it closer to the coastline making it less intrusive for the farmers who own the land either side of the road. The issue has become somewhat heated due to a general lack of any formal planning and what seemed to be a lack of understanding of the legalities surrounding paper roads. TEN gave a deputation in May supporting the development of the coastal pathway for horse riding use and that we supported the idea of repositioning paper road to a more practical location. Taranaki Daily News recently published an article following the council meeting. Click the link on the right to read the full story.

Proposed coastal pathway—Oakura